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      MIS features more than 8,000 campsites and is truly a NASCAR national park.

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      Helpful Information

       Get your tickets to NASCAR's fastest track for the two race weekends.

       Plan your summerfast of fun with the weekend's schedule.

       MIS institutes special traffic patterns on Sunday race days. 

       Start your day by finding the best parking spot closest to your seat.

       Have a question what is allowed in the grandstands at MIS? 

       Download DISCOVER MIS on your mobile device before coming to the track.

       Don't forget your guest guide if you have questions on race weekend.

       Kids are race fans too. 

      Packing Lists

      Check out our suggested packing lists!

       Before you leave your driveway, make sure your car is properly packed.

       Whether you are staying at a hotel or camping, you will want these items.

       No matter your camping style, we have a list to make your stay enjoyable.

       Kids are race fans too. Make sure they have the ultimate experience. 

       Don't forget these last-minute items.


      NASCAR 101

      How do teams make a pit stop so fast? What is the difference between race tires and street tires? What does it mean when the announcers says the field is frozen under caution? Now is your chance to learn what these terms mean and so much more by clicking the buttons below in NASCAR 101. Impress your friends with your race knowledge the next time you come to MIS.


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