NORAD Celebrating 50 Year Anniversary


NORAD - the North American Aerospace Defense Command – is a binational United States and Canadian organization charged with the missions of aerospace warning and control and maritime warning for North America. On May 12, 1958, the agreement between the Canadian and U.S. governments that established NORAD was formalized. This year, NORAD is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

In maintaining watch over our skies, NORAD uses a variety of technological tools to watch for any man-made threat that might come from the skies – that includes missiles, jets, or spacecraft.  Since the tragic events of 9/11, NORAD’s role – which previously was outward-looking – now includes monitoring airspace within North America.

The May 2006 NORAD Agreement renewal added a maritime warning mission: monitoring, sharing information, and analyzing activities in U.S. and Canadian maritime areas and inland lakes, rivers and seaways. NORAD’s role is to ensure that information is shared seamlessly with partners across the borders.

NORAD has close relationships with a network of organizations in both Canada and the United States. Its closest partnership is with U.S. Northern Command – they share a headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colo. NORAD works in close collaboration with homeland defense, security, and law enforcement partners. These partnerships – such as the ones with the Federal Aviation Administration in the U.S. and Transport Canada north of the border – include sharing information and contributing resources and personnel.

In other cases of military cooperation between countries, the people of each country report through separate chains of command; at NORAD, there is a single chain of command that reports both to the Government of Canada and the Government of the United States. This is unique, and powerfully underscores the strong relationship and shared values between the two countries.

NORAD – Guarding what you value most.

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