Extreme Bus Makeover arrives at MIS


The day finally arrived for Nancy Lantz of Delta, Ohio. It was one filled with nervousness as she gave the keys of her bus to the staff at Michigan International Speedway. She won an Extreme Bus Makeover through an online auction to benefit MIS Cares.

After weeks of designing how she would like her family bus to look, Lantz dropped the bus with the MIS maintenance crew. The staff anxiously awaited the bus to begin the process of completely repainting the exterior.

“We are extremely happy to make over the exterior of the Lantz’s bus this off-season and present them with a new paint scheme for the 2013 racing season,” MIS President Roger Curtis said. “Our Maintenance Department enjoys painting the bus during the winter months and it is fun to see the excitement on the fan’s face when the bus is returned. But the best part is all the money benefits MIS Cares and the charities it supports.”

The next time Lantz sees the bus it will no longer have the yellow exterior, but will be painted in her favorite color. She is excited to see the makeover and cannot wait to have the bus returned.

“We are so excited,” Lantz said. “We are so glad we won the auction and helped out the foundation. We cannot wait to see what it will look like when we get it back. We cannot wait to bring our new bus in June and show it off in the infield.”

In the fall of 2010, the Lantzes were in the market for a bus to replace their aging motorhome they had been bringing to MIS for the last 20 years. They did not have to look far; the MISCamping.com Infield is truly a city within the track on the race weekend.

A fellow camper was selling his bus and the Lantzes were quick to snatch it up. The inside of the bus had been completely redone, but the outside was still the familiar school bus yellow.

The Lantzes knew they wanted the bus repainted and had seen what the track had done for the previous three editions of the bus makeover. There was never any doubt they would be heavily involved in the bidding process.

After putting in the initial bid, the Lantzes sat back to watch the process work. After a slow beginning, the bids started to pour in over the last week of the online auction as multiple people wanted that exclusive bus makeover.

Finally, for a bid of $3,425, the Lantzes were declared the winners when the checkered flag dropped on the auction. It made it all the more special the proceeds were going to MIS Cares.

MIS Cares is a Donor Advised Fund of the NASCAR Foundation, a 501 c3 charitable entity that focuses on raising funds for various local charitable causes the speedway supports. MIS Cares in 2012 alone awarded $64,500 in cash donations to local charities through its grant program. Another $53,000 was awarded through sponsorships and tickets those groups raffle off, also to raise money.

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