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Fans rave about first of four Tuesday Track Laps


Track Laps are under way at Michigan International Speedway and numerous fans saw the track from a driver’s perspective. It’s not too late for you to experience the excitement as well.

“I just read about it and thought it would be neat to see the track from the perspective of the driver,” Chuck Miller said. “You can always see it from a spectator point of view, but to actually be a driver, I just got hooked.”

Track Laps will return on July 16, 23 and 30 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Commemorative shirts will be available for purchase for $15. Reservations for track laps can still be made by calling 800-354-1010 (no online purchases available), but space is limited.

Track laps are $25 for each three-lap segment on the historic Michigan International Speedway. Participants will have the opportunity to drive on the track at a maximum speed of 70 mph led by the MIS Ford Mustang pace car.

Miller was one of numerous fans out for the first Tuesday of Track Laps. He brought his pristine 1988 Corvette, his pride and joy, to pilot around the two-mile track. Track Laps and his Corvette were the perfect combination in his opinion.

“It’s a car I’ve always wanted,” Miller said. “I couldn’t walk away from it. This (Track Laps) is my high speed. It’s (the Corvette) perfect for the race track.”

No matter what vehicle you drive, Track Laps is the perfect opportunity to drive around the famed Irish Hills track. From Corvettes to other classic cars to brand new Ford and Chevrolet sedans and SUV’s, you get to experience all the joys of traveling around a two-mile NASCAR track with 18 degrees of banking staring right at you.

“You can feel the banking,” Dave Ricketts said, driving the course along with his buddy Mark Weller. “When you come out of four and you’re near the wall, you can feel how it just pulls you down on the apron. It’s just that momentum. It’s great fun.”

Weller agreed with his friend, saying it was easy to imagine the NASCAR Sprint Cup cars roaring around the track. He was glad he got to experience all the thrills of driving on the track.

“We’re doing 70 but it feels like you’re doing 180,” Weller said with enthusiasm. “I can imagine doing 180 on this track.”

Track Laps is the perfect gift for any racing fan or anyone who enjoys the challenge of a drive. Dana Hale’s friend got a Track Laps certificate for his birthday last year and it convinced Hale to try it out.

“It’s a lot of fun,” Hale said. “It was a totally different perspective.”

For Weller, the ultimate realization of difficulty on the track was coming into pit road. It was an experience he said was easy to imagine.

“That’s another thing that’s kind of scary,” Weller said. “I was thinking when I was coming in, you’ve got everybody stopping in front of me and I’m like ‘well car, stop, stop!’ Just to try to get it slowed down for pit road. That’s just amazing.”

Once a phone order for has been placed, a ticket will be mailed to the guest in advance of their selected day. Guests can purchase tickets at the Administration Office off US Highway 12. All guests must enter and present their ticket at the tunnel entrance to the track off of Brooklyn Highway.

All proceeds benefit MIS Cares, MIS’ official charity.

The track laps are limited to passenger vehicles only, no motorcycles. No passing of other vehicles will be allowed at anytime. The driver of the vehicle must be 18 years of age and all participants will need to sign a waiver before driving on the track. All drivers need to present a valid drivers license. Seatbelts and headlights must be on at all times.

Laps will take place rain or shine. In the case of a date cancellation due to extreme weather or safety conditions, MIS will contact all guests in advance on their visit.

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