What's in a name? EVERYTHING.


At MIS we don’t consider you as just a sponsor, you’re our partner. That means we work with you to create an event that evolves from your brand’s character and personality. Race weekend will be a unique branding experience, a chance to get out and interact with your customers and impress your clients. We believe your race event should be as unique as your business itself.

What's in it for you? EVERYTHING.


You will enjoy the benefit of premier signage, customized hospitality, tons of great PR, promotional opportunities, and create word of mouth that no other event can generate. The bottom line is that our race events are high-profile happenings that provide stature and top of mind awareness. Race fans are enthusiastic and loyal. They are passionate about racing and respect the companies that bring them their cherished sport. Simply put, race fans vote with their feet by going to the store and buying the products of their favorite sponsors. They are highly involved consumers and they will go out of their way to support a fellow race fan.

What does a partnership include? You guessed it. EVERYTHING.

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This is a photo of Kyle Larson spraying champaign after his victory

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This is a photo of quotes from Mike Corrigan (Corrigan Oil) and Adam O'Brien (New Holland)