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Grandstand Gate Policy

The grandstand gate admissions policy outlines what you may bring into the grandstand area. The policy balances fan safety, comfort and experience. Please review the policy and plan accordingly.

Fans may enter Michigan International Speedway grandstand areas with:
• Soft sided coolers no larger than 10”x 10” x 12”
• Soft Sided Coolers may contain ice, freezer packs, food, snacks, beverages and a removable plastic liner.
• Soft sided bags no larger than 18” x 18” x 4”.
• Soft Sided Bags may include scanner bags, camera bags, purses, fanny packs, daypacks, lightweight backpacks,  eco-friendly type grocery bags, canvas tote bags, clear bags, bags with souvenir purchases.
NOTE: Guests are allowed to bring in any combination of no more than two total of the items described above

Additionally, fans are welcome to bring:
• Binoculars, scanners, headsets and cameras which are worn separately and not in their case. 
• Plastic souvenir and insulated cups no larger than 24 oz.
• Standard seat cushions and stadium seats without armrests.

All Items brought through the Admission Gates are subject to inspection.
Guests without any carry-in items are encouraged to use the express lanes available at each gate.

Fans may not enter Michigan International Speedway grandstand areas with:
• Hard-sided coolers.
• Thermoses and metal cups of any size.
• Glass containers, strollers, umbrellas, bicycles, roller blades, pets, banners, signs or flags.
• Any bag, pack or container larger than the allowable sizes.
• Firearms, knives, fireworks and items restricted by local, state or federal laws.

There will be no provisions for checking and holding items deemed inappropriate. Restricted items may not be left at or around the gate area. Items left unattended will be removed and discarded.

Changes in security levels may affect security procedures at MIS including the prohibition of all bags and items inside the grandstand gates.

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