Carbon offset

Carbon Offset

MIS efforts

Michigan International Speedway took part in The Conservation Fund’s Go Zero program over the August 2009 Show Me the CARFAX Race Weekend.

The Conservation Fund estimated that the carbon dioxide emissions that result from the fuel used by the race cars during the 2009 Show Me the CARFAX Weekend: Nationwide and Sprint Cup Series practice and qualifying sessions, as well as the emissions resulting from 450,000 kWh of electricity and 110 therms of natural gas to be approximately 373 short tons of CO2.  During the Nationwide and Sprint Cup Series practice and qualifying sessions, the racecars ran an estimated 16, 419 miles.

MIS offset these carbon dioxide emissions with a donation to The Conservation Fund. In return, The Conservation Fund will plant approximately 311 native trees in Mingo National Wildlife Refuge in order to trap carbon dioxide, filter water, control flooding, create new habitat for wildlife and public recreation areas.

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