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  • Roger Curtis
    Michigan International Speedway’s Roger Curtis has always been a hands-on president since his arrival at the Irish Hills track in 2006. Even though race season is over at MIS in 2010, Friday was no different for Curtis.
  • All Sports Spectacular
    MIS prides itself on being the “NASCAR track in a National Park” so it’s only fitting that its Champions Club will host an All Sports Spectacular event this weekend, bringing the passion for outdoors together with its local chamber of commerce.
  • 2010 Spirit of America Blood Drive
    With the generosity and support of more than 1,200 donors, the Spirit of America Blood Drive at Michigan International Speedway will again save thousands of lives after collecting a record 1,330 units of blood during the 12-hour event on September 11.
  • Spirit of America Blood Drive
    With many blood donors finding inspiration in the Spirit of America Blood Drive at Michigan International Speedway, people should look no further than the speedway’s director of guest services and event founder Tim Booth.
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