Brenda Nestle, MIS August Fan of the Month


Brenda Nestle of Shepherd, Mich., has been named the August 2006 MIS Fan of the Month. Nestle will receive an MIS hospitality package for two people to the GFS Marketplace 400 on August 20 in addition to an MIS hat, a T-shirt and a soft-sided cooler.

On a scale from 1 to 10, how big of an MIS fan are you? Why?
"10, 10, and 10! I have had to re-arrange several functions in order to be home or around a television set on race day. If we have to be away on race day we must leave to get home in time for the race to start. Everyone in my family says I am obsessed and I guess they are right! I was never really a "sport nut" until I was introduced to NASCAR. I have my neighbor and good friend Brian to thank for that. My husband "thanks" him all the time. He says that Brian created a monster. I am very passionate for racing and very loyal to my driver. If I can't be home to watch a race, then you can bet that I am taping it to watch when I can. Every time I see something new that has my driver on it in the stores, I must have it. My family and friends don't ever know what to get me because I have usually already bought it for myself."

What was your most memorable race at MIS?
"The June 2001 Cup race was my most memorable because I had only watched a few on TV before and then Brian asked my husband and I if we wanted to go to MIS and we said yes. He waited for me to get my first glimpse of the stands from the outside. Then, we stepped out of the car and heard the race cars practicing. He said, ¿Can you hear that power?" He grabbed my wrist to check my pulse and it was beating fast. I was hooked. He kept telling me to breathe. I was talking a mile a minute, asking all kinds of questions, and he answered what he could. We walked up the stairs to the level where we could see out over the track and that was my first picture of the track. I was, to say the least, excited! I couldn't wait for the next race, which we went to that same year in August. This time we camped with some friends and we purchased pit passes too. I was able to take several pictures of the drivers coming down pit road.¿

Who is your favorite driver and why?
¿Is there any question? Jeff Gordon! For starters, he is a four-time champion. He is a great driver and I have heard by several people that have had the chance to meet him that he is the nicest person. His foundation helps so many people and he is very generous. He is quite down to earth and probably someone I could sit down and talk with. We practically share the same birthday. His is August 4th and mine is August 5th.(By the way, this is a nice birthday present to have won ¿Fan of the Month¿!) My hope one day is to get a chance to meet Jeff, shake his hand, and let him know that I think he is a great driver and person. I am sure that he must get that from everyone he meets but I want to be able to say it myself.¿

What is the greatest race weekend experience/moment for you at MIS?
"I mentioned that my first race was great for me because that year, Jeff Gordon won that race and took over the point standings. He went on win the 2001 championship. Our years at MIS since then have all been filled with fun and friends. We have camped every year since then at Brookfest and we love it now that they have moved closer to the track. We see our race friends every race weekend and we all spend time catching up. A great moment, however, was in August 2004 when I got a chance to meet someone who is very popular in the racing industry as he was visiting someone in my campground. Of course, I am a huge Jeff Gordon fan but I did get a chance to have my picture taken with Jack Roush. He commented on the fact that I was wearing a Jeff Gordon T-shirt at the time, and then he laughed and shook my hand.¿

Who comes to the races with you?
¿My husband, Jeff,

and our very good friends, Donna, Tim, and Jimmie. We stay with them in their camper from Thursday night until Monday morning. It is a tradition now for us every year. We meet our friends and have our favorite campsite and seats. What more can you ask for? We love the shopping, walking around the haulers, watching Trackside, and of course, watching the race from the stands.¿

Describe what it's like to camp in the Brookfest campground. What's your camping set-up like and is it unique in any way?
¿Our friends have a huge fifth-wheel, so we sleep between six to eight people. We roll out the carpet, set up the chairs, haul out the coolers, set up the cookers, and hang up the lights. We have flags flying high and banners hanging on the windows. Our campsite has a variety of favorite drivers. Not everyone has my exquisite taste or agrees that Jeff is the best, but we all get along. We all wear our drivers¿ colors and numbers. Sometimes I get picked on, but I don't care. They usually do this because Jeff is winning or their driver isn't doing very well. I always stick up for Jeff.¿

Aside from the racing and visits by Jack Roush to your campsite, what do you like the most about MIS?
¿I love the sounds and smells of MIS! The morning sounds of the cars practicing on the track can be heard from our campsite. You can almost pick out certain cars by what we hear even without seeing who it is. The smells range from food cooking, like breakfast in the morning and steak in the evening, to the smell of the racing fuel when you get closer to the track. Even the smell of rubber burning lets me know I am at a race. Put it all together and you have one great weekend.¿

Finally, Jeff Gordon sits on the cusp of the Chase for the NEXTEL Cup in the standings right now. There are only five races until the Chase begins. Will he make it, and why?
¿Of course, he will make it because, well, he is Jeff Gordon. He has the support of his team behind him and some great race tracks coming up, tracks that he has won at in the past, and all of that will enable him to continue to stay in the top ten to ensure his spot for the championship. This is going to be Jeff Gordon's year...again! Go Jeff!¿

Since the start of the MIS Fan of the Month contest in December 2002, over 10,000 fans have registered for the contest at MIS¿s official website. To nominate yourself or someone else for the MIS Fan of the Month, log on to www.MISpeedway.comom. Fans will also be asked to submit a photo of the nominee as well as a ¿most memorable moment¿ photo taken at MIS. Please send photos to, or mail them to:

MIS Fan of the Month
12626 U.S. Highway 12
Brooklyn, MI 49230

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