Ticket Purchase

Accessible seating areas are solely for disabled persons and their companions.

By purchasing an accessible seating ticket through Michigan International Speedway, you acknowledge that the accessible seating is intended for use by an individual with a mobility disability or other disability who requires the features of accessible seating due to a disability and that individual's companions.  Michigan International Speedway reserves the right to investigate potential misuse of accessible seating and take all appropriate action, including but not limited to cancellation of your ticket order, against individuals who fraudulently obtain tickets for accessible seating.  While tickets for accessible seating legitimately purchased for the use of an individual with a disability may be transferred to another individual under the same terms and conditions applicable to other tickets, in the event such a ticket is transferred to a nondisabled individual, Michigan International Speedway reserves the right to transfer that individual to other seating.

Accessible Seating Areas

Wheelchair-accessible tickets can be purchased in advance or on race day, based on availability. Three companion tickets may be purchased for each wheelchair ticket purchased.

In Row 1 there is a space for a wheelchair with folding chairs for companions; in Row 54 there is a space for a wheelchair with permanent bench-style seats for the companions.


  • Center Sections 20-56 (even) Row 54
  • Center Sections 13-29 (odd) and 12-18 (even) Row 1

The Speedway provides free designated parking areas in all parking lots for guests with disabilities. Vehicles displaying the proper credential will be directed to that area upon entry into the parking lot.

Please be sure to approach the Speedway from the inbound traffic pattern that allows access to the parking area of your first choice. All handicapped parking lots are available on a first-come-first-served basis.

Accessible parking areas fill early and you may be directed to alternate or overflow parking areas.

Michigan Vehicle Codes MCL 257.674, 257.675, and 257.675c contain the following sections pertaining to the display and use of a disabled parking permit.  A disability placard or license plate is intended for use only by the person with a disability or someone transporting the person with a disability.
Under Michigan Law, it is illegal to:

  • Use a disability placard or license plate when the person with a disability is not being transported.
  • Lend a disability placard to another person
  • Alter or make a copy of a disability placard
  • Continue using the disability placard issued to a family member who has since passed away.

Improper use may result in the immediate confiscation and cancellation of the disability placard or license plate. Furthermore, improper use, altering, forging, or copying a disability placard is a misdemeanor crime that may result in fines up to $500, jail time up to 30 days, or both.

Any individual presenting a placard for accessible parking privileges at MIS is subject to a review of integrity by on-site law enforcement.

Additionally, Michigan International Speedway reserves the right to refuse admission, eject from its facility, and deny ticket renewal privileges to any person whose actions and conduct are deemed inappropriate or illegal.

Transportation Assistance
  • The Speedway provides free transportation to guests with disabilities using Guest Trams, Disability Carts, and Vans
  • Guest Tram Service is available around the track
  • ADA transportation is available in all campgrounds
  • Any Guest needing assistance can get help at any Tram stop or Information booth
  • Service is available when Fan Plaza is open
  • This is a free service courtesy of Michigan International Speedway

Wheelchair-accessible restrooms have a wheelchair plaque posted at the entrance of the building.

Service Animals

MIS recognizes the importance of service animals in assisting guests with visual and other impairments. These animals are welcome throughout the property but must remain leashed and harnessed at all times. Guests are required to bring their own pet waste disposal bags. Guests who bring service animals should request wheelchair seating to accommodate the service animals safely and comfortably.


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